Virtual bike races that everyone can join.

If you can ride, you can win.

Pedal Slam MTB Event Rider

Pedal Slam is a virtual race that allows riders to choose the trails they want to ride and they can ride them as many times as they like within the competition period (usually 2 to 4 weeks). The riders’ best times (collected via GPS) during the competition period will determine their place.

The best part is, you don’t have to be the fastest to win 🏆.

How it works 

Trails – There is a selection of trails that cover most rider’s abilities. You can choose to ride a trail type (Blue 🟦 or Black ⬛) or ride a Zone, which has multiple trails in one area.

Timed Segments – Within those trails there is timed segments. Ride the trails as many times as you like over the competition period. Your fastest time on the segments will be your Total Time.

Total Time – Using your phone or GPS tracking we will collect your total times. At the end of the competition we divide the whole list of entrants into 4 equal Groups (quarters) with 25% of entrants split into each group. Prizes go to the riders at the top of each group. For example, if we have 100 riders competing (that would be good!), prizes are split for the riders whose times are in the following places. (See ‘Sample 100 Riders’ image too).

PEDAL SLAM Open (Cash & Prizes)

🏆  1st fastest + 🥈Runner up 

🏆25th fastest + 🥈Runner up 

🏆50th fastest + 🥈Runner up 

🏆75th fastest + 🥈Runner up 

PEDAL SLAM e-Bike Open (Cash & Prizes)

🏆1st fastest + 🥈Runner up 

PEDAL SLAM Whip Off (Prizes)

🏆 Sickest whip + 🥈Runner up  

Prizes + Perks for Entrants

Prize money – ALL the money collected from race entries goes into the prize pool! The more riders, the more cash prizes. The more friends you invite, the more cash prizes. The more the merrier!

Prizes – Each event has stacks of prizes from our Pedal Slam Partners and if you are a runner up you will receive podium prizes. These are usually prize packs from the sponsors that can be worth a lot and can include all types of products for your mountain bike. There is also giveaways during the event for a number of specialty or fun prizes.

Perks – All riders are eligible for special discounts from our Pedal Slam Partners. Usually, these discounts are Pedal Slam only discounts and not available to the public. As soon as you enter you are eligible.

Ready to ride?

Register for an event on our registration page.

Still got questions? Check out our FAQ below.

If you would like to host your own Pedal Slam event in your area then contact us and we’ll connect and share the details on how to get started. We’re passionate about riding bikes and we want everyone to join in the fun!

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Event FAQ

I’ve never raced before, should I enter the event?

Yes! that’s what this event is all about, giving everyone a chance to get involved with the mountain bike community and have a chance to win. Most importantly, have fun and ride your bike. Any bike!

What if the weather is bad, is the event still on?

If there are any severe weather warnings from the local government we will PAUSE the event for the day and no times will be counted. Follow the event website and social media pages to stay up to date. Otherwise, any day in the competition period will count towards your times.

Is this a virtual/online only event?

During the competition period it will be a virtual event but at the end we plan to have a winners presentation session where we will hand out the cash & prizes and talk about bikes (and probably beer). At the same time, we plan to have the Whip Off session. As always, this is COVID dependent so we will wait to make the announcement but we want this to be social so hopefully we can make it happen!

Can I ride my e-Bike?

Yes, as long as you declare that you’re riding an e-bike you can compete in the e-bike Group. As there is a smaller amount of riders in this group we only have Winner and Runner up cash and prizes. If the Group becomes large we will consider to split it into quarters like the Pedal Slam Open.

Are riders going to try cheat?

Riders who get serious about being No.1 🏆 with fastest time overall are going to try everything they can to bend the rules to their advantage. After lots of testing we’ve got it covered so just ride your best and we’ll take care of the rest. Nobody will know what the best time is, or which segments of the trails count towards their times until the end of the event and the rides are recorded so if we need to get into the details, we can. See the rules section for more info.

How will you record my times?

We use GPS and common apps such as Trail Forks and Strava to record your times and we will automatically add them to the event times for each entrant.

Can I cancel my entry?

Yes, if you choose to withdraw you can get your money back within 7 days of entry, only if you have not been sent any promotional or event material that incurs a cost to the organizers. The booking fee will not be refunded. The booking fee covers transaction costs for payment providers.

I’ve got more questions, who can I ask?

Just go to our Contact page and submit your questions and we’ll reply to you quickly.